So, this is where our extra money goes... CCP's failed attempt to hire influencers

I agree, but at least the decline is going to be long and drawn-out enough to milk this cow for all the enjoyment it has before the non-consensual PvP genre is finally outlawed in most Western countries.

When Ministry of Participation Awards for All?

China actually did regulate gaming. See here from the department of “they still don’t believe our organisation exists” What’s behind China’s recent video game restrictions? | World Economic Forum

Where I live, it’s already a thing. Like there are literal regulations saying that you can’t award some kids and not others because it’s exclusionary.

I came to the realization that I was living in a dying society early on. I was like 12, and got absolutely dunked on in a foot race during a school event, and got given a medal for it anyway. I put it in the trash.

For other reasons, though.

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Novelty participation rewards are ok in a novelty fun event as a souvenir, but for competitive ranking events, it’s bad.

Stop shitting on the forums and apply for the various positions that CCP offers and do exactly what you say you are capable off. Be that change, make an impact.

It is easy to say stuff on the forums like so many people do.

If CCP hired all these “experts” posting on the forums then I am sure EVE will have more players than WOW in no time.


lmao CCP

Show me a game that peaked more than once.

According to all the experts on the forums I am sure you could make EVE peak again.

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So unless there’s a prior case of that happening, I would assume something that has not been proven to happen before is going to happen? What are the chances, for a decade it’s been decline, that seems plenty enough time to do so no?

Did you happen to miss ccp swifts comment??

CCP has done exactly what you suggest in the past. EVE Partners were teamed up to coach the streamers and show them some actual gameplay. I personally coached two people so far and it is actually good fun but it’s not as easy as people might think.
In CCPs defense: Most streamers are NOT cool with being teamed up with another random person on their stream, live and rather stick to their own. Streamers (especially bigger ones) tend to be more solo/independent and won’t respond with excitement to a game company suggesting to stream with someone else.
I really hope we get to do more of these coaching streams in the future and show their viewers some actual eve gameplay.


@Emotional_Support_Clown You hear that? It’s all your fault :sweat_smile:

Advertising that accompanies any marketing should have feedback on the target audience and results.
As someone who wants more Korean EVE players, I think it’s meaningless for CCP to give advertisements to influencers right now. No, rather, it emphasizes Eve’s difficulty even more to potential players.
In particular, it feels very sad that they are only advertising wallpaper without understanding Korean players.

Guides are not necessarily included in influencer ads. However, if you want to inform potential players about “EVE ONLINE” for a short period of time, playing the tutorial is not right.

“Purin”, the most recent advertisement for a Korean streamer, basically proceeds with “SpeedRun” based on a high understanding of the game. Nevertheless, since he wasn’t given a goal, his goal was to finish the ad efficiently and quickly.

It’s funny to say that they take away the opportunity to play.

They are just temporary hired for their income anyway.

Also, what you may be overlooking is that the unit price of Korean streamer ads ranges from $7,000 to $35,000 per hour. Also, the opinions of advertisers are almost absolute for them.

Therefore, the advertising manager clearly needed to provide them with an appropriate plan to achieve advertising effectiveness.

But what we saw was a Corvett going through a tutorial, oxidizing and coming home from work.

CCP should just pay pewdie pie 100K ISK U$D to stream the NPE while obnoxiously shouting and screaming, even if only one out of one hundred (1%) of his subscribers checks EVE it is 1+ million people and if only 1% of them sub that is 10K+ new subs right there or even if just 0.1% that is one thousand new subs. That is a bunch of quality new players right there for the taking. Do it CCP you know you want to!


Korean streamers also tend to prefer independent broadcasts and be reluctant to be with other people they have no control over.

Rather, teach them only Warp and Jump, give them 1000 PLEX in Raiju, and offer incentives to make them go to the monument.

And just by having them read the contents of the Wiki in front of the monument, the viewer can immerse themselves in Eve’s story.

In case he fails to go, you can give him a new suitable boat and teach him that he cannot do it alone. And by bringing Scout, you can show a sense of accomplishment and storytelling that they have achieved through cooperation.

I think going the influencer route is a fine idea, personally. I suppose its subjective, but I know quite a few instances in other industries where this tactic works extremely well. Your points you mentioned are all very good ones, and I hope they can implement them on their next set of rounds.

That said, I think some of the best marketing CCP can do is two-fold:

  1. Content like the “I was there” Trailer and (in my opinion) the best trailer ever for EVE, “[This is EVE]” (This is EVE - Uncensored - YouTube).

  2. Content content content. You will be MUCH MORE likely to draw in more players by word of mouth referrals. These new players will also be more likely to stay and play the game, as their friends who referred them will walk them through the relatively difficult learning curve. How will you get more positive word of mouth out? PUT OUT CONTENT! Balance passes are not content. In addition to balancing ships and such, add more stuff. More ships, more features, more events which can be player-led, etc…

Anyways, just my 2 cents.

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Why would I apply to CCP when I just explained that I have no desire to work for them, and wouldn’t want to take a pay cut even if I did? I’m not posting my ideas and frustrations because I’m low-key job-hunting for dev teams of the games I play; I post my ideas and frustrations because I care about the games.

If I had executive power at CCP, I guarantee that EVE would at least have more players than it does now. Things certainly wouldn’t be looking like this:


Sorry, but which part of the comment in particular? Not seeing how his comment deals with my comment about working for CCP.

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A good positive signal of hope for Eve is if CCP ever win another award or accolade again (last one was 2013). You can see here Awards and Accolades - EVE Community. Keep an eye out for a page update…

Perhaps it will be an award like in the game The Stanley Parable where you get an achievement for not playing the game for five years (really, see here Achievements | The Stanley Parable Wiki | Fandom).

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Once that money they didn’t earn is gone they’ll be thirsty for more…giving money to noobs is a terrible idea. Especially sums that large. Economic incentives are one of the biggest carrots and you just took that away.

RE: Swift’s comment

Everything said by Swift aside from the last paragraph effectively presents the exact opposite image of EVE to viewers than what it truly is.

This kind of bait-and-switch is how you get negative game reviews. It’s bad enough that the new NPE, which is very well done, is effectively a lie for what the game truly is. Now these people are going to try the game, and be dropped into an AFK simulator half an hour after they’re done with the tutorial that promised them that they’ll be a “spaceship captain” in a nearly-cinematic experience? What do you think these people are going to post in their Steam review of the game after that?

This is why I said that CCP is out of touch. They’re so obsessed with the kind of people they want to play the game, that they’ve completely forgotten about the kind of people that actually do.