So, what if

I don’t even do that but i would assume that it would be the case that they do have stocks that people can purcase for nice low prices

@Verlyn your game topic keeps getting derailed, so I will attempt to get it back on track.

So, what if … the sky rained buckets of blood, everyone turned into vampyres, except for you, and they refused to make you one? So, what if … they kept you human and put you in a zoo as an oddity?


Thank you for rescuing this thread and getting it back on topic.

so what, if …

40k EUROS could get you about 3/4 of they way to my main character. So go for it.

Let me do it for you.

1 month gone. No update.
2 months gone. No update.
Approaching 3 months gone. No update.

Kicking myself I didn’t take a bet on this. No update and no proof was always going to be the outcome.

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Are you doubting Verlyn?


Maybe she spent it all on ScamCitizen space ships… or NFTs.



This 418 post topic is titled “So, What IF” and the person who started it talked like they were Elon Effen Musk going to spend a mere forty large on this game and have some kind of impact??

Not going to happen.

CCP is the developer purchased in 2018 by Pearl Abyss for $425 million. so $40,000 is less than 0.01% of the whole company. If Verlyn told us they were planning to buy up stocks for a hostile take over of the controlling shares, it would be just as laughable.

So, WHAT IF we shoot for 420 posts, then smoke this thread?

@Christine_Creed +1 for trying to make it happen and -420 points for @Iceacid_Frostpacker for being such a dweeb…

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If she was a genuine entrepreneur she’d invest in up and coming noobs like me so I can sit at the Sobaseki gate in a blingy Paladin and be all ’ look at me, everyone, I’ve got a blingy Paladin’.

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Okay boys…there it is.

Take 15… roll’em if you got’em.

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A total Plonker for not sharing who this thread was directed towards.

How many people sent many hours playing inside and outside of New Eden to one day wake up and wonder what was it really all about?

/spent ^

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We were supposed to stop at 420!

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Not the way it was seen through our eyes.
We believe that the thread was derived through the collective and which was spoken outwards rather than inwards.

We find this thread interesting as it reflects on us as a whole.

Our time is either what we value and how our friends value their time. Together as a collective.

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As a business person, I’d thank you. As an engineer or game developer I’d make sure that doesn’t happen and provide you with content blocks or “god mode characters to give you a nice isk sink”

Have you yet to see… what cannot be unseen?

The beauty of capitalism economics and banking systems, essence of the steal is that all clients disagree…
If, of them all… an agreement arised…


So, yeah, given that someone or a group big ennuf, just for the sake of it, attempted for whatever sum, to crash the system…
It’s possible but I guess it would be the end of something or anything but EVE.

So, what if… I used $40,000 to buy a kilogram of cocaine? Then snorted it all at once, Scarface style on a desk?

I am basing this on New York prices, I think you can get 10 kilograms of cocaine in Columbia for the same price.

With or without fentanyl?

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Good question; So, what if I cut the coke with fentanyl? I could spend $30,000 on the coke and $10,000 on the fentanyl? Then I used the profits from sale to buy more cocaine.

Mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money!

Then spend all your profits on Eve plex.