So You Want To Be An AG? Here's A Starter Guide :D

You are absolutely right.

From my conversations with NEPF guys I got the feeling its some kind of mixture, partly roleplay being “the good guys” / “law enforcers” and using that for having a corporate identity, do PvP-trainings and OPs that have kinda “meaning” attached to them instead of just “roaming” randomly and shoot anyone who can’t escape tackle. Basically exactly what a SciFi sandbox is for.

On the other hand its the nice feeling of disrupting someones plan when saving a Ganktarget, making the gankers waste their time and ISK, seeing their possible billions of loot survive and warping away right under their noses. It’s basically just another form of salt farming. -_-

So basically griefing :wink:

In german we would call it “Schadenfreude”, which truly is most enjoyable. :slight_smile: Dunno if there is a fitting term in english.

Vokan got it already. Griefing.

What has stopped you in the past and we both agree on this is the bot plague in jita but if every one you ganked in jita gave us free kill rights on you im sure we would just be killing a lot of your empty thrashers.

I don’t usually shoot on the station (where the bots are). The gate is bot free, until Kamikadze Jita turns up with his Autohotkey Neo Wakeup & Vsem alts.

It’s a dangerous precedent to label killing for roleplay reasons griefing. It’s one of the tools gankers use to keep themselves safe. They won’t thank you.

What roleplay reasons, he admitted he is doing that only to fuk their game nothing else. Which is basically definition of griefing.

Also, gankers are not allowed to roleplay space pirates, so why should AGs be able to roleplay white knights?

The context of the conversation was that they were roleplaying as space police and it would ergo be their role to thwart/frustrate criminals.

Where did you get that idea? Gankers are absolutely allowed to roleplay as pirates and I’ve seen Aiko talk about being praised for rol playing well by GMs who have investigated her ganks.

If I remember correctly you hunt miners and sell mining permits though? If so it would be more appropriate for you to be roleplaying as the space Mob seeing as you are selling protection from yourself. (An extortion racket)

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From forum and gank-hater posts? Shooting spaceships in EVE is toxic behavior that cannot be justified with roleplay.

Ah I see, you were engaging in sarcasm.

Sorry that tends to go straight over my head half the time unless I have vocal ques. Better to offer a /S when doing it by text if you want spectrum people like me to pick up on it.

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@Gix_Firebrand Any News on that Anti-Ganking Permit I purchased?

Still waiting for it to arrive in the evemail…just saying =(

Ah… there’s your problem…

You should have applied to NEPF for your ‘permit’ ; we hand them out Gratis, but, admittedly, they are about as useful as a Mining ‘Permit’ (which do sometimes come in handy when the supply of toilet paper runs out on long warps…)

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Its coming :smiley:

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yeah I know same as my ship replacement submission +1

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Oh NO, I am not allowed to Join NEPF Sargon’s warning was extremely clear that Frostpacker can not do that. Jeff knows too so you can go ask him also I am not allowed to join NEPF it would upset the safety of Highsec.

Here, I’ve made you a speshul one
Please display it in a prominent position on your Slasher

All I can say is that RP had ended and Frostpacker no longer supports Safety.


Should add that Frostpacker does support Eve Pandora and strongly feels it offers something better to New Capsuleer’s than what Code. or Safety did or can do for new pilots.

Why how have we upset Sargon

People who over react do not deserve any sympathy.

We should not encourage temper tantrums.


Let’s try to make something clear, the mining permit I owned & held was valid. I was given free passage to mine in Uedama. (tbh don’t even know how that permit was taken away but all I recall is upsetting Sargon "aka; The Chosen One … a title given out by Frostpacker)

Now we are just waiting for my new AG permit to allow me to mine and collect frozen corpses in Uedama.

Frostpacker treats all permits very seriously!

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