So you want to roleplay a Minmatar?

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Tribal sponsorship is a longstanding tradition within the Minmatar Republic. Typically sponsorship is sought by an individual before embarking on a journey away from their tribe, or as part of a corporation’s employment process. After a sometimes lengthy approval process, a Minmatar is then able to proceed with the full support of their tribal peers.

Typically, a citizen of the Republic will seek sponsorship from only their family tribe, and this is usually sufficient to last their lifetime, barring any dramatic changes. In some rare circumstances, sponsorship is granted from all of the seven tribes to particularly promising individuals.

In the unique case of the capsuleers, the seven tribes of the Republic have agreed to blanket-issue sponsorships as an attempt to encourage loyalty and cooperation.

Ingame item Tribal Sponsorship Details

We had a bit of a discussion on a Minmatar Discord (that you totally could join if roleplaying a Minmatar) about what this means, and it is unclear. (What is “family tribe”? Does “sponsorship” mean money, approval, both?) But what we think it means is that in many cases, the Republic covers some or all of the costs of capsuleer training.

That interpretation comes handy for explaining how we have so many former slave capsuleers despite Source saying you need quite a lot of isk or a wealthy sponsor to get into. :wink:


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