Socket Closure

(Dalamarus Treiderus) #41

Same problem
14 socket closet for 1 hour((

(UniqueVo1t) #42

Same here
Forum works, game don’t

(Raptor2022) #43

yeah same. Multiple socket closures since trying to connect about an hour ago.

(Grace Ryder) #44

Same here i keep getting socket closed every 5 mins or so. I almost never get DCed but today its happening lots :frowning:

(Grace Ryder) #45

And there I go again

(Colonel Abe Ellis) #46

I have the same problem every 10 - 15min.

(Dark Oldcrow) #47

Same here… something is not right this morning…

(Grace Ryder) #48

not even 5 mins this time :frowning:

(Eve Riesgraf) #49

compensation for loss of earnings

(Raptor2022) #50

Eve Online Servers - Harder to keep alive than a Dark Souls player.

(Grace Ryder) #51

When has that ever happened :joy:

(Alyssia Benar) #52

Same for me. Got kicked out two times now.
Also logging back in is hard because sometimes the client just won’t start. :frowning:

(Grace Ryder) #53

Oh yer that to. i tried logging in and just got a black screen

(Alyssia Benar) #54

For me the client just wouldn’t start up at all.
Launcher is stuck at the Authorization phase and just resets the starting process after a few seconds.

(xTIGGERx) #55

Getting fed up with socket closes every few mins CCP! GET YOUR ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ TOGETHER!!

(Kyliez Kyle) #56

3 socket closed errors in the last 20 mins, Friday 10 Aug , 8:00 am game time

(xTIGGERx) #57

most folk I know i game are getting socket closed every few mins. This is unacceptable for something we pay for!

(Verishek Virosh) #58

Not only you have this problem. I was doing mission when I got dc, got back with around 20% of structure points.

(xTIGGERx) #59

half the game seem to eb having it, no word from ccp today (not that it surprises me now (remember when ccp had a community team…))

(Licrahe Eimae) #60

Have not been able to login. Am stuck at Establishing connection to sever and have been for hours now. :frowning: