Socket Closure

(SparklyPants 80) #61

This is still going CCP, still no reply?

(Kyliez Kyle) #62

had socket close 4 times before DT, had another 4 (now 7 edit) in 2 hours since DT. Can not log back in “TOKEN” error.

(Grace Ryder) #63


(Scarlet Starfire) #64

Yeah, started getting socket closure yesterday evening and have been getting it a lot today. Before yesterday evening I had none, so something has changed.

(Haein) #65

Getting DCed every min or two and then not able to connect for 10-15 between each DC. This is getting really old really fast.

(Pychick Uchonela) #66

damn! i’m tired of re-login each 5 minutes!

(Scarlet Starfire) #67

Yeah, its unplayable atm, so I’ll have to reinstall an old MMO I used to play until they sort this crap out.

(Nathan Nova) #68

Yeah can not play game due to constant disconnects, had no problem until today and the last time I had a similar problem was last year during the AT tournament.

(Kyliez Kyle) #69

Got to laugh about my 12 dc, this time on the chr selection screen not even made it into the game

(Verishek Virosh) #70

Eh, not only you, Kyliez. Right now I’m going offline to not get my ship destroyed.

(Alexg567) #71

I really don’t understand why there hasnt been a response from CCP about this yet, even just a “we are investigating this issue”. It’s pretty frustrating.

(anas moraished) #72

I can aprove that when using more than one accout there is more chance to lose connection.
It is more stable when i am using one account.

Also when some one jump in system or something happening that require data to move from to
player then the disconnection happen.

Do you guys think because we deal with diffrint services in diffrint servers this issue appear ?

(MrBrookes) #73

just finished bashing poco’s with 2 accounts, docked up and then all 4 of my accounts are socket closed.

(GM Mechanic) #74

The server never drops the connection. Only the client on your computer will drop the connection and only if it fails to send or receive five consecutive packets.

(GM Mechanic) #75

This tracert does not have anything to do with your connection to TQ. Cloudfront only affects issues with downloading patches, updates to the game. I’m not seeing any issues in your tracert though. You have request timeouts yes but you do get a ping from the lost connection in your tracert so you are getting through. The ones you are getting request timeout on are most likely blocking ICMP packets which the ping uses, that does not affect the TCP packets EVE uses in any way.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #76

rephrased: when does the server decide to emergency warp the active ship and put the character in an offline state?

Testing shows it takes over 4 mins for that to happen, I’ve been wondering if that was intended or not

(GM Mechanic) #77

That could be up to 15 minutes depending on what timers you have active at the time of disconnection. For more information on logout timers please see the following article.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #78

Lets take the ships out of this for a moment, say I’m having a nice chat with a friend, we have each other on the buddy list so we can see when the other logs in/out. If I log out the server sees that and puts my character in the offline state and takes me out of the chat and my friend gets a notification that I logged off. All that is reasonably expected. Now if I disconnect it looks like I’m just ignoring the other person for 4 mins 15s and then logging out

lets bring the ships back in now, and assume I have no timers because I’m logging out and have been playing long enough to know not to log out with timers active. in this case my ship attempts emergency warp, and timers start counting down and 60s later; poof I’m gone from space. All good and as expected.

In the second case my ship sits there for 4m 15s then attempts emergency warp and timers start counting down leaving me in space for a minimum of 5m 15s. Now say I’m in a site and have a rat shooting me, I sit in the site for 4m 15s disconnect ewarp, and then let a 5min pve timer count down, that’s 9m 15s in space with no control. And a pvp timer could be up to 19m 15s, but heck I’m probably dead there anyways, and the pvp timer refreshes while agressed so it could go even longer.

(Giddy McFee) #79

I am still getting Socket Closures, for all CCPs denials that this is nothing to do with eve somewhere down the line it ONLY, and i mean ONLY happens when I am in eve, My PC could be on the whole day and everything is fine, open eve and within a few minutes socket closure.

Ive tried to create a new character today, twice socket closure half way through, before that, in game socket closure twice… its 8.41am now was logged onto today from 7.30am and had 4 socket closures in that time.

Somewhere along the line this issue is to do with this game, but lets face it nothing will be done, after all chat has been having issues since they offloaded it, at least thre they admit it is an issue but its just embarrasing now the length of time the issue has been in place… but hey lets carry on giving them our money.

(Algarion Getz) #80

You could try using a VPN, maybe you get a more stable connection that way.