Socket Closure

(Amaris Aidoios) #81

This is an issue since I begun playing this game like over 10 years ago… they never managed to fix it. Abandon all hope for a fix. That’s CCP in a nutshell.

(d0ran) #82

You’re probably going to told its your internet, but like you and many others are having the same problem. I’ve read stuff like having the help channel open, close the launcher after logging in etc will help. But alas I’m still having the issue - had about 8 socket closures last night, and at least 2 per session.

(Luscius Uta) #83

I sometimes get disconnected, and the network icon in my system tray shows that I’m not connected to the Internet, as if I unplugged the cable (so I get dropped from the comms too). Few seconds later, I get connected to the Internet again and can relog. My router is set to change my IP address at the time I’m always sleeping so it’s not that. Maybe it’s a Windows issue so I’m not blaming CCP but I’m posting it here in hopes that someone knows a solution.

(Akadiana Lafitte) #84

10+ pilots in my corp from 3 different countries on 2 continents covering 5 time zones - all experiencing the same socket close issue… seems odd that it would all be on our ends.

(Koloda Kolo) #85

I have disconnects all day, but most often when mining - every 2-3 minutes
It is reason to decline buying omega and probably to stop playing so great game(