Solar Forged - An Ordinary Combat Corp

This is a new corp looking for founding members.

Progress with us from being ordinary to becoming excellent and maybe even extraordinary.

Our long term goal is to earn a honorable reputation and distinguish ourselves among both our allies and our enemies.

We will be focused on developing combat power and competence. The goal is to be able to participate in the story of Eve in our own unique and interesting ways. We do not want to become simply KB farmers of any variety. PvP with us is for more than just KB green.

We will also develop economic power within our corp. The goal here is that people should feel comfortable to play in a more “ordinary” fashion without needing to buy plex for isk or grind isk on out-of-corp alts.

In summery, we want to develop a corp which can build and defend our home and our allies, and also attack and destroy our enemy. Not only will we put green on the killboard, we will be part of stories worth remembering.

We are trying out a new Paid Training program to help out our newbros.

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