SOLD: 17m SP good starter, 2012 clean pilot, all BC V

SOLD SOLD SOLD. Selling myself. Born 2012, 17.6m SP at last log-in and still training.

Now in NPC starter corp and ready for transfer (I will pay fees).
No killrights.
Positive wallet and sec status.
Located in Highsec NPC station + 3 Jump clones also in highsec.
Remap available now + 1 bonus remap.
(no password required)

All faction BC V
All faction Destroyer V
Solid Gunnery and support skills.

Good PVP or PVE pilot starter ready for her new home.
16b B/O, offers considered.

Thanks for looking,

10b isk


Thank you for the offer but 11 is too low for a B/O as the transfer has to be paid with $ these days.

13 bil



15b b/o, isk ready now! Valid for 2 hours

EDIT: no contact,
in game offer from Fumaster accepted.

15.5 and if his 2 hours are up ill pay 15 to match

confirmed 15.5 sent and account info via evemail

Transfer now in progress, thank you and fly safe. o7


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