SOLD 19m SP good starter, 2011 clean pilot, all BC V

SOLD SOLD SOL Selling myself. Born 2011, 19.2m SP inc 200k unused.
Small ships specialist, PVE or PVP.

In NPC starter corp and ready for transfer (I will pay fees).
No killrights.
Positive wallet and sec status.
Located in Highsec NPC station.
Remap available now + 2 bonus remaps.
(no password required)

All faction BC V
All faction Destroyer V
Solid Gunnery
Interceptors V
Assault Frigates V

Good PVP or PVE pilot starter ready for her new home. Clean history. Has never left her starter corp.
18b B/O, offers considered.

Thanks for looking,

12b did

14B, is there anyway we could do this tonight?

Thank you for the offer Steveness, ready for transfer now but 14b is too low for me.

15.5 is about all I can scrape together right now please let me know if that will suffice

Sorry Steveness, its 1st day advertised and with the RL $ cost of the transfer im looking for closer to 18.

I offer 17B buyout

17b B/O accepted from Sina Leska. Please send isk and account to transfer to.

Money and account name sent

Transfer in progress. o7

Really :frowning:

Character arrived, thanks.

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