SOLD - 2006 - 21.2M (3.36M UNALLOCATED)

Name: Sukai Sukai

Skillpoints shown here (over 3 million UNALLOCATED):

  1. Wallet will be positive
  2. No kill rights
  3. No jump clones
  4. Located Jita 4-4

-Security Status 0.0 (1.05 Caldari State)
-2 Neural remaps available (currently set max INT/MEM)

Starting price: 10B
Buyout and start transfer: 16B

updated starting bid

9b offer

9.5 bill

@Gina_Tonic Would be willing to consider this, even though low. Let’s give it a few days.

Can do it immediately. Just let me know.

Will do. Thank you very much for the bid.

daily bump

11 bill

@NAN_JPW 11B Accepted as highest bid so far

@Sukai_Sukai When are you looking to close, can do the transfer tonight after work if you want?


How about we put a 48 hour timer on it? 05:00 Eve time

If no higher bids, you get it for 11Bil.


Sounds good to me. If no higher bids before Monday 5am I’ll send the money and account info.

Minimum has been reached so highest bid in less than 48 hours (05:00 Eve time) will receive the transfer (Buyout is still in effect).

@Gina_Tonic thank you for jumping back in.

Lowered buyout to 18B

11.5 Bil

Last 24 hours…auction ends at 05:00 Eve time (Buyout still in effect and final lowering to 16B).

@Merc200DFI is currently highest at 11.5B

Retracted. Good luck.

2 hours left.

@Merc200DFI is currently highest at 11.5B
@NAN_JPW is backup at 11B
Attempting contact now.

If winning bid does not respond within 24 hours (and backup after that) I will pull cancel the sale altogether.