(SOLD) 38M SP Gila/Ishtar/Hawk/Retribution pilot


Toon was used for Abyssal running.

Total Skillpoints: 38,283,853
Unallocated Skillpoints: 32,500

Has a mid-grade crystal implant set, in Perimeter.
Positive Wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.
No bounties.

Start bid at 30b.
Buy out at 32b.

27 bil

28b, ISK ready

29 bil



Still for selling???

Starting bid was never reached…

For now I’ll wait a few more days for sb to reach and then some more time, or I’ll let it go for 32b right away.

32B BO

Accepted, send the isk with mail to where it should be sent to.

transfering isk

isk and details send

ISK and mail read, char transfer has started. Thanks.

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