Sold——40 x Skill extractor

19.5 billion isk for 40 x Skilll Extractors

4 week expiry if not sold Frostpacker I’ll convert to LSI :grinning:

Open to public

Had been offered to roleplay after such deal yet I did said that I am sorry but I must let that contract sit for 4 weeks


Please beware that Hellfire X is a known scammer, pushing you into direct trades (not contracts)

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Hellfire could not roleplay with me and even if as honest about not being able to be my princess.

I yarn for interactions more than the small value of those assets.

@Felix_Frostpacker You no want to roleplay with me?
I thought we had something going on… :confused:
I hope I did not offend you with my last question.

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It looks like Aiko will no longer be my Princess


She never cared about you! Only take advantage of you! Only embarrassed you publicly! Let her go!
I am here for you. Me roleplay long time and when I get home we can fleet do whatever you want!

What you might not fully understand is that I prefer to be treated like dirt.

You deserve be treated like a Capsuleer!!
Be proud of yourself. You matter!!

I am with my neighbours though, but why can’t I find a Princess like Aiko?

/even a known scammer can’t stand chatting with me

She left

I looked for an Emperor and all I got was a legionary. But at least he wasn’t crazy like Caligula.
Sometimes we look for treasure chest in the sea and miss the pearl in the shell.
Don’t waste your time and efforts for someone who will never care for you. Let her go and be free to be happy again.

Please close as somebody had accepted thus sale contract

Closed due a request of the Op.