( Sold ) 49.1m SP Combat /Rattlesnake Mission runner

Was mostly used to fly Rattlesnake / Gila and Golem but is capable of much more
Can run L4’s with Caldari Navy , Federation Navy and Brutor Tribe , Also not far off from Imperial Navy L4’s just lost interest in mission running.

Positive wallet , good standings , No kill rights

Multiple jump clones with implant sets including near full Crystal set ( equipped )
+5 set
and a few others

Located 2 jumps from Jita
Is currently in corp stasis moving to npc corp but will be complete by end of auction.


Starting bid 40b , No BO Auction ends Wed at or around 10pm MST top bidder takes it.

Edit: Sold to CocoYo LEE 46b , ( sale complete )

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I’ll start you at 40B

41 bil


45 bil


May end it a bit early around 10pm tonight ( in 14-15 hrs )

46 bil offer.

Ending in 2hrs

Sold to CocoYo LEE for 46b

Please send the money to this character along with an evemail with transfer info.

Once complete i will start the transfer.

OK.I will sent you ISK soon.

Please wait some time.I am selling PLEX.

ISK and Account Name sent, awaiting transfer email confirmation.

Payment received , character transferred

Character have been received.Thank you.

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