SOLD --- 59M SP JF / Rorq Pilot / Super Sitter

I am for sale! Positive sec status and wallet.

Toon is located in Amamake.

Min. 40B

B/O : 60B

This auction will run for 5 days unless an offer is made that cannot be refused :wink:

44 bil.

46 bil


message me in game i can offer more for a buyout today

Bumperino for a bro.

Are you still interested? I may consider quick sale offers if the are reasonable.

Daily bump. Only a couple of days left on this toon auction.

Morning bump.

Iā€™m still for sale!

All previous bids noted, still accepting bids until Friday (8/24).

48 bil offer

sent b/o offer in game mail

Offer noted. I will accept further bids for 1 more day.

Tomorrow will be he last day for bids and will be sold!


FINAL BUMP ---- Auction ends TODAY!


Current high bid is 52B.

Only going to run for 2 more hours.

Isk ready to send, account name will be sent via eve mail

SOLD!! I will reply with toon to send isk to when I get home from work via in game mail.

In game mail sent with details.

Isk and account name sent

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