SOLD Ceptor Miner Capital Constructor 8.1m with PI established

Hi guys. currently reducing my accounts and must sell this character because my main can do the same.

I can

  • build capitals
  • use barges
  • use Interceptor
  • Planetary Interactions with Coolant Planets established

The colonie Of Coolant is in LX-ZOJ ., have an epithal and a clone There.

The character is in hig hsec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Disclaimer : Because i am transfering other charavter now, can transfer in Five hours

I do with CC then the transfer is quickly.

If interested answer the Thread, i am not reading the Eve Mail.

whats asking price ?

Not Sure. 2.4b is the price of extraction, then 4b vis ok for me.

I will do 4b

Ok, send me the Isk and account name and i transfer in five hours aprox.

Isk and info sent

Received, i transfer in Five Hours aprox. i answer the thread when delivered, please answer the thread when you receive

Transfer done one moment ago, please confirm you receive the CCP Mail.

transfer recieveed

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