Sold char

Mithandra Skill & Standings Sheet (

Lets start the bidding at 100 Billion

This character comes with an empty wallet, no ships, is located in a Hisec Caldari station, and is in a non player corp

Only bids in this thread will be considered and transfer will commence within 24 hours of receiving the cleared funds.

I’ll let this auction run for One week from today

Edit - Char has no kill rights for or against
edit - 32 ships skins

I’ll Add a buyout here of 150 billion

105B offer

135b offer

Herein is the second days bump.

Gera Alexseev is currently winning on 135 billion isk. Thankyou.

No new bids so it looks like Gera Alekseev will be the winner of this character

Daily Bump

Due to messages not being returned from either of the only potential buyers in this auction, I shall close this auction and open a new one with a revisited price.

If your character is still willing to trade, my offer still stands and can be traded immediately

OK. Done

Did I win the bid

you win this bid at 105 billion isk. I acknowledge your winning bid and will begin character transfer upon receipt of the isk. Please remember the 10 hour delay in character transfers.

Wait a minute, I will mail you ISK and account information immediately


@Mithandra ISK and account details sent

I have received the isk and have started the transfer.


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