Sold ; close plz


(Artemis Lumi) #1

I am for Sale

Minmatar+ Gallente Carrier , Gallente Dread
could be used for Vendetta Supercap
T2 Gunnery Small, Medium, Large all Races
Good Missile, Armor, Shield and Drone Skills, Good Core Skills
All Races: Battleship, Battlecruiser, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate Level 5
Amarr, Gallente T3 Cruiser
Most T2 Ships Level 4

Born 2007
Npc Corp
I pay transfer.
Positive security.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Remap available in 11 Months; 2 Bonus Remap available
Located in Jita 4-4 station.

3 Jumpclones (1x Mid-Grad Slave + Hardwirings, 1x +4 Implants + Hardwirings 1x +3 Implants) all in Highsec

Start bid at 60 bil
Buyout 65 bil

(Absolute Truth) #2

60b offered

(The Durantis) #3

One hundred million

(Artemis Lumi) #4

You mean 100b?

(Torben Daphiti) #5

61b offer

(Artemis Lumi) #6

Daily Bump

(Artemis Lumi) #7

I got ingame some mails. So Buyout added

(Friedel Aivoras) #8

63 Bil

(Artemis Lumi) #9

Thanks for the bid, will consider if no higher offers come along.

(Artemis Lumi) #10

Buyout lowered

(The Durantis) #11


(Artemis Lumi) #12

63 bil highest offer atm.
Will close sale in about 6 hours (around 13:00 eve time) after work.

(Artemis Lumi) #13

1 h left

(Artemis Lumi) #14

I´m sold to Friedel Aivoras
Awaiting Isk and Mail with Account Details.

(Friedel Aivoras) #15

Confirming purchase, ISK and account info sent

(Artemis Lumi) #16

ISK received. Transfer started.
Will be ready : 07.10.2018 01:18:23

(system) #17

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