[SOLD] - Fantastic little Mining/Combat Character 14.6m Total SP

Hello there!

I am now officially ready for my next chapter in my Capsuleer career! My name is Kai’outi, I am built around Industrial, Reprocessing, and Trade! I am also skilled in flying AMARR hulls, and have the Gunnery skills to back it up!! I have a total of 14,601,308 Skill Points after allocation!


Unfortunately I had forgotten this character existed, and as such I had already made a “replacement” for my main! Bad for me, great for you! A clean slate, ready to go! Located in Jita IV for convenience


Wallet Positive, no Killrights, Never outside of NPC corp, Birthdate 2010.06.06 (10 years exact!)
2 Bonus Remaps available! 1,673,538 SP Unallocated adding up to 14.6 total SP to push me wherever you want! Originally I had taken out the calculator and added up the Skill Points listed in the UI Character sheet then added the Unallocated SP, because you would expect in any sane UI to give you realnumbers and not aggregates but alas! The character was originally listed as having 14.6 and then had the unallocated ‘added’ to it. Which has since been fixed! This doesnt affect any of the learned skills nor the amount of unallocated SP available

Speaking of, learned skills are!

Industry V
Trade V
Mining V, Reprocessing V, Scordite/Veldspar IV, Astrogeology IV, Mining Upgrades IV
Gunnery V, Small Energy Turret V, Medium Energy Turret V, Large Energy Turret IV
Small Pulse/Beam III/III
Hull Upgrades V, Mechanics V
Shield Operation V, Shield Management V
Power/CPU Management V
Amarr Frigate V (Ready for AF/Interceptors!), Amarr Cruiser V (Ready for Tech III in less than a day!)
Spaceship Command V, Mining Barge III
Drone V, Drone Avionics V, Light/Medium Drone Operation V

And more!

Put in your low-ball bid that I know you’re going to post so I can shoot you down!

Looking around 10 Billion ISK to start, this is an excellent character that’s ready to roll now!

edit: looked in-game for numbers which gave a false representation, corrected those!

7 billion to get you started

8bil now

8.1 billion

8.2 bil

8.3B ISK

One daily bump, its standing at 8.3 bil, will let this go another day to allow others to see it!

Thanks for the offers so far, this wont be a prolonged auction I promise!

You have 14.5SP combined, not 16m. You realize this is breach of TOS right? @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

a little scamming going on

The sell post must reflect the character correctly, posting that the character you’re selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually constitutes an attempt at character sales scamming.

Please amend your post to properly reflect what you are selling @Kai_outi.

Aha, I went off of Eve’s Character sheet which describes “Total Skill Points” and added the “Unallocated skill points” that are on the bottom of the Character page, double figures makes for bad UI

Will amend I expect this to be fixed in the future so this doesn’t happen to anyone else reading off of their own character sheets!

so 7.5bil for your little miner)

Daily bump after the turbulence from not reading skill points correctly, I cant actually figure out if people can PM one another, but I would to make sure people have continued interest in purchasing this character

7.6 billion next 2 hours


I’ll take 7.8 Bil ISK! Thank you for offering, please send the ISK and I shall begin character transfer immediately

isk and account info sent

Received and Character Transfer initiated!


confirmation letter received, thanks o7

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