Sold Out

I will be stopping sale for now, transferring 2 pilots in one day Hurt my IRL wallet.

SP Farm Alts

Aywheel Keel Yu - 5.5B B/O

OnIine is sold.
JenniferWorley is Sold.
Darth Shakiel is Sold.

Im for sale

Also for sale

I’ll buy Online for 6B

Offer window lapses in 60 minutes from now.

I love how people just expect that you not sleep or leave your computer and put such sort time limits. IF this guy is eu he is sound asleep

It’s more so that I have active offers on other accounts and can’t have an open ended commitment to buy - particularly when this type of character is typical of everything available on market and my bid already arguably overpaying for it.

Yah, Just woke up, XD, tnx for the interest anyway :slight_smile:

Offer is still there ( the RS Accounts I bid on didn’t come through )

well then, send isk and account details and ill send it ASAP.

Isk + Account Sent to Race Leader from alt (David Cavalera) Pilot Sent

Confirming delivery of character, transfer of “Online” has been completed

Thanks for the trade.

Still for sale

84 bil

Thank you for the offer Guys, but im, looking for more. :slight_smile:

I am for sale.

I am for sale

86b for J.W.

race leader i can only say i wish i had the isk sicne that is a amazing toon you have there :slight_smile: