#SOLD# P/C / WTS 11M SP Beginner Guardian, Basilisk and Buzzard pilot

Returning to eve after long break, and am looking for a PC, and possible sale of this char:


Can fly Guardian, Basilisk and Buzzard, and imo with a little work, fly them well. Previously abit extracted, so the skills should be there to lvl up :o)

I guess im considering offers above extractor/injector value, but i dont have a start bid or B/O in mind atm.


I can offer 5B

I guess that meets my minimum price :slight_smile:
i’ll see what happens until tomorrow evening, and sell to highest offer by then.

Im ending sale at 21:00 PM tonight, highest bid still 5B.
All CCP rules will apply.

Send me details and isk, and i should be able to transfer right away :slight_smile:

5.1B b/o

Sry, your bid was abit late, i’ve kinda agreed to sell to WTB… :confused:

Isk and account info sent.

Recieved, will transfer to mailed acc name right away.

Character Name: TourDeFis Bummelum

Will be completed after: 5/22/2021 5:24:19 AM

TourDeFis Bummelum thanks for letting me know.

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