SOLD - Please close thread

Selling the following pilot:

chop’s bank - 27m SP Rorqual Pilot

  • T2 Indy Core
  • Ore and Ice Excavators trained
  • Caldari and Gallente Industrial to V (DST/BR pilot) and just a skillbook away from freighters
  • Also has skills injected to be a naglfar alt should you choose
    Price: 26b

Krey Pappotte - SOLD

See skillboards for full skillsets, all CCP Rules Apply:

  • Located in highsec, positive wallet, positive sec status, no killrights, seller pays transfer fee, etc.

Can reply here, evemail Ca’ade, or contact me on discord @ Ca’ade#5424

Confirmed I am for sale

Confirmed I am for sale

20 b for Krey Pappotte… no interfacing V no ship V

Thanks for the offer, not in a rush

25b for the character Krey pappotte,and money is ready


I am at work for the next 12.5hrs, so will be able to do the transfer tonight when I get home.

If you’re okay with that, then please send isk and account info to Krey and I’ll process it asap.

the characer which to receive isk is this character krey pappotte?

That is correct, send the isk and account info to Krey Pappotte

isk and mail was send to krey pappotte

Thank you, I will start the transfer as soon as I’m home from work tonight (approx 10 hrs from now)

Sorry for the delay! Transfer has been started for Krey Pappotte, you should get a confirmation email shortly! Enjoy!

i received the email,and waiting for the transfer be finish

1 rorq pilot still for sale! to the top :slight_smile:

which transfer serve are you using ?plex or buy from official website?from receive the mail to now is 9hrs. still not received


Yeah it’s a 10-hour transfer with CCP…enjoy the pilot

To the top! Great rorq pilot and can do many other things! Great trading skills, contracting, PI, etc! All around indy main or solid alt. Plus, damn near max rorq yield!

Price Reduced!

24b for chop’s bank