SOLD please close

Announcing myself no pw

Pos Wallet
-3.2 sec status ( can bring up if someone wants it that bad)
no killrights
8.5 days from perfect scan skills
training covops skill as we speak
close to a proteus

have a reserve set…will post once it is hit

9bil starts the bidding

I pay transfer fees. All CCP rules apply.


9b isks ready

I am at work atm so can accept when I get home this evening

No problems. Just give me a heads up about eve time of your evening.

about 23:30-0000 eve time

Ok, if you accept my offer i’ll Send isks and account name now, after that you can start transfer when you get home

go ahead…i’ll start it when I get home

isks and account name sent

Isk and account info received, transfer initiated

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