Sold please delete

Please see below picture highlighting their values against officer mods:


Ideally i would like to sell them in one hit.

Open to offers may even consider some sort of trade.

Trade you a Gotans Disrupter for the 3 off them

I’ll check it out and let you know;

Edit: Sorry Taraas, i’ll pass on that one, but appreciate the offer


I’ll be honest and i’m not entirely sure whats the best way to price up Abyssal mods, the person whom i bought them off informs me that it took over 60 rolls over a 2 week period, so that’s 60 x 250m avg…

Of course some of those excess rolls will be worth something, but ideally 15b, will negotiate if all three are purchased in one hit.

They are arguably Estamel level, which go for 20-25b each so i think i’m being reasonable.

You just bought them all for 10 bil you should at least let the thread you bought them from go cold before flipping them I honestly thought it was the same guy but had double posted that’s why I made my offer

I had that thought literally 5 seconds after i pressed submit. But that’s why we trade right, i purchased them almost instantly, because i thought there was value. This forum especially is known for instantly relisting an item that has recently been purchased.

ill offer 7 bill since your just a money grabbing mockery.

here is the thread he took them from, even stole the picture.

items lost value cause of new owner.

You seem like a person filled with hate, if you live anywhere near Austria i could recommend a good psychologist to help mellow you out a little.

You’re asking 15b for a dime a dozen bcu set in a heavily oversaturated market. Good luck.

7b for all three

Thank you for your kind words

My gotans point offer still stands and they will at least be used on a komodo

Sending you a message in game

Please, no one sell anything for more than you bought it for. This isn’t real life


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lol all the drama about flipping , its just basic trading. buy when u spot a good offer and sell for good profit :smiley:

Just ignore all those plebs and wait for the right buyer someday he will show up and buys those sweet BCUs :sunny:

Gl on the sales

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