SOLD Selling Perfect orca mining toon

(XXXTRADEXXX01) #1 selling this dude

T2 Mining drones or augmented…
LVL 4 Industrial CMD ships
Decent Trade skills (LVL4)
T1 Mining Boosts
T2 Tank

Buyout 5bill

:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(Emsar Mannar) #2

False adevertising. You have not t2 mining boosts, you need three injectors to do so.

You dont have

  1. Implant
  2. mining director V
  3. ore industrial V

Is not a perfect mining orca because gave not the above and have not

  1. mining drone specialization V
  2. industrial command V



Hi Emsar,

I apologize i taught2 with my current skills this was the case
if 4bill is a serious i will consider it


(Emsar Mannar) #4

I serious. Give me two minutes, i need create a new account.


i really have to ask 4,5 i canot justify transfer costs otherwise…

(Emsar Mannar) #6

Ok, good luck with your sale. 4.5 is excessive.


are u online? il sell because kinda said would, thats if u still want it

(Emsar Mannar) #8

Yes i can piurchase in 4b, and go for work in ten minutes. i already create a new account.


iam rdy to receive acount info and isk i will start transfer right away

(Emsar Mannar) #10

one minute : logging to pilot.


ok iam online

(Emsar Mannar) #12

isk and acc name sent.

i need go to work, c later


process is started

(Emsar Mannar) #14

Good morning. I dont receive yet, i assume was via plex.


hi emsar yes was via plex its on irs way sorry for delay did not know how to move plex in vault

(Emsar Mannar) #16

dont worry, sometimes is quick.

I hope they do soon. when you put the ticket ?


hey i did ticket right after i logoff but forget to put plex in vault o\ dont know if u can see ticket
but here it is.

gr and fly safe

(Emsar Mannar) #18

well, i wait =)

good weekend


u to if u online i will convo with my main… to keep tabs

(Emsar Mannar) #20

dont worry, i wait =)