SOLD Thanks
Not sure if it is updated yet but I am in NPC CORP

1. Wallet balance.
3.2M ISK

2. Kill rights
No Kill Rights

3. Jump clones
No Jump Clones

4. Character location.


High-grade Ascendancy Alpha
High-grade Ascendancy Beta
High-grade Ascendancy Gamma
High-grade Ascendancy Delta
High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon
Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-618
Zor’s Custom Navigation Link
Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Management EM-806

Give me your offers :slight_smile:

Deal made ingame sending ISK and account info

Sold to Legit Salesgirl

Please close this. Linoaa, I am not sure why you are trying to do but I never accepted your deal. You messaged me in-game and I said I was interested in it.

This is exactly the message you sent me after my offer: “I accept the offfer”

No I said I will accept the offer IF you post in game, I never officially accepted anything. If there was a miscommunication problem, I apologize. The deal has already been made with Legit. Have a nice day. I accepted his offer and he sent the isk and I initiated the transfer. I did not see any isk sent by you, if you did, then it was after I initiated the transfer and that is your problem to fix.

Close thread, thanks!

After you accepted my offer ingame like i quoted, i replied on the forum above like you asked me. Then i sent ISK. You probably didnt noticed it since you initiated the transfer a second before.
But it’s fine, don’t worry.

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