SOLD WTS 11m Female barge Ceptor DST with mining drones and extras

Well… yesterday i was forced to extract a nice toon with mining drones, you can get the mining orca with two injectors, maybe interested in this ? You can extract and respec easily the ites you dont want.

  • Interceptor Caldari
  • Gallente DST
  • Many things drones
  • HIGH reputation with Dodixie traders corporation
  • can mine decent in mining barge plagioclase.

she have two +4 set implants in otherclones, i se her to take some things out of null yesterday and then she is in a clean clone.

I put the link in eveskillboard because standings andshowing as extracted pilot.

The skill points are 5b plus two more of the character points base, then anything less than 7b will be rejected.

I can accept other character in trade of similar skill points, no more use for her

she is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet.


DISCLAIMER I am outside thecity, can deliver in night or today morning.

i am for sale / trade, looking for anything of similar points.

Such a pretty name!

In Case you would consider to strip her down to 5m Skillpoints contact me. I’d purchase her then.

Best Regards, Ria

if no offers I can do so and contact you later

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Today bump

I’ve answered your EVE Mail. :slight_smile:

Give me a second and i check.

edit: sold extracted as 3b, Ria say what extract, and i begin to do so as soon i get the isk and account.

ISK and Account Details sent. Thank you very much, kind Sir!


I begin to extract in some minutes. I update when i transfer.

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I extract her the best i can for you final purposes when i already extrat the chosen skills.

Transfer was done one moment ago.

As always thanks for the business.

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