SOLD - WTS 15mil SP Perfect Orca/Boost Pilot

Name: Katrina Irvam SP: 15,489,702
Extractable Injectors: 21 (worth 10.5 Bil)
Katrina has a positive wallet, no kills rights, 50K unallocated SP and 3 remaps available.
Location: Ikami


  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1
  • Memory Augmentation - Standard
  • Neural Boost - Standard
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2
  • Social Adaptation Chip - Standard
  • Mining Foreman Mindlink

Level V Skills:

  • CPU Management * Capacitor Management * Capacitor Systems Operation
  • Energy Grid Upgrades * Power Grid Management * Armored Command
  • Command Burst Specialist * Information Command * Leadership
  • Mining Director * Mining Foreman * Shield Command
  • Wing Command * Navigation * Cybernetics
  • Shield Upgrades * Tactical Shield Manipulation * Industrial Command Ships
  • ORE Industrial * Spaceship Command

Auction ends on 5 January 2020.
Starting Bid: 9 Billion
Buyout Price: 11 Billion
I will pay the transfer costs.

Confirming I am for sale.

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Daily Bump K

9 bil

Bid Noted, If no higher bid is received before Friday 20 December 8PM Brisbane time, I will accept your offer.

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9.5b for this toon

Thank you for the bid Zensunni_DX If no higher bid is received before Friday 20 December 8PM Brisbane time, I will accept your offer.

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Only 9Hours and 23 minutes to go before this sale is closed.

I am closing this sale offer you are the highest bidder. Please transfer 9.5B isk and provide character account transfer information.

who i transfer the ISK to? pls confirm

Please transfer to myself I will pay by credit card and post the receipt here.

You can provide the account details via PM here or via in-game email.

sorry for delay. I have sent 9.5b isk to digitalwarmaster with an email on the account details for the transfer.

@:Zensunni DX

It’s all good mate. I confirm receiving 9.5B in funds. Character transfer initiated to account provided via in-game email.

Enjoy your new Orca Booster Pilot.

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