[SOLD] WTS 16 mil SP pvp alt

all ccp rules apply
i pay for transfer fee
make me an offer i like and you get the toon

1. Wallet balance.
10 mil isk

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones

4. Character location.

bid starting at 8.5 bil isk

7b bid

up up !


8.5b offer

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9 and we have a deal!

revoking my offer to 8b


well well… fine 8.5

up up up! 8.5

8.7b, 24 hours

I would like to better understand your corp history however.

9b bid

10 bil let me know today ( If it helps he wont be getting extracted and will keep on flying)

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Ok, 10 is fine, let’s do it

Isk and info sent

Isk and info sent

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ok, now i saw the message, i will start the transfer when i get home. cheers!

isk accepted and transfer started