SOLD WTS 18M JF pilot (Ark/Rhaa/Anshar mastery V) SOLD

Manessa Poulette (JF pilot)
password: 123

I’m a Level 5 mastery Ark / Rhaa / Anshar pilot
I can fly Occator / Viator / Bowhead

Sp 18,031,452 = 17,920,330 allocated + 111,122 unallocated
NPC corp (since birth in 2014, no player corp history)
Main clone docked in Jita, +4 attributes slot 1-2-3-4 implants
Empty clones docked in Esescama, Sarum Prime, Perimeter
Positive balance
No kill rights / no bounties
Empty kill/loss history
Security Status 0.0
Positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings

Starting bid: 17b
Buy out: 25b

11 B offer

14B Offer


min bid still 17B

OK new offer 17B


apologies for the delay, Spike306 I’m considering your offer, I’ll wait a few days more

18b offer

19b offer

20b offer

21b offert

25b buy out

Hello, Sorry for the delay, I’m here. I propose 26B

It’s me that need to apologize, RL getting in way, hard.

Sold to Philip Montagna, as buy out was set at 25b and I have one word. Apologies Jack Chan.

No problem, if he show up, i’ll be there to take him

Thx you

Isk sent. Thank you for keeping your word.

Transfer initiated.

Transfer completed. Nice doing business with you, @Philip_Montagna

Apologies to Spike306 as well, I found out mails in game too late, I wasn’t able to logon much these days so I missed them. I don’t want anybody feel treated unfairly I was just too busy. I can only offer my sincere apologies.

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