SOLD: WTS 25.3M Minmatar Focused PvP pilot

21B ISK or Best Offer

  • Currently located in station in 4C-B7X / Outer Ring [0.0 space]. Has 130M’ish of equipment in station.
  • Nicely outfitted Hurricane and Rifter for immediate ratting.
  • Has a jump clone in High Sec.
  • No kill rights.
  • Positive wallet balance.

Leave a message here if you have any questions?

Clear Skies!

18 bil

Thank you very much for the bid. Is there any chance you could meet the buyout price? I’ve set it a few B low hoping to move this day or tomorrow.

18,5 billion

Like we discussed ingame i take the char for 20 Bill i will send mail with the Account and the isks


Email and Isk received as promised.

Character transfer has been completed.

Please let me know on this thread if anything does not go as requested.

Thank you very much for the purchase.

Clear Skies!

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