SOLD WTS 4 2.6b low freighter Pilots (read) ZERO available

You welcome, two pilots available now.

misclicked - watch wrong skillplan :o

sorry retracted

I receive an evemail from the possible buyer of stark saying have money problems. Then stark and Rokers are available.

sorry due to financial restraints I have to withdraw my offer

This thread is closed because i receive a new offer

Hank Stark please will send isk in the morning as explained in game mail

Hi, i am the new owner but really was an error for me purchase three. I can sell me for 2.6 as you offfer. If interested send me the 2.6 and the account and i send in the morning. Answer the thread please when you send the isk

so are there any of these toons left to sell if yes which ones

I purchase three pilots from Inactive Seller .

  • Hank Stark
  • Hank Rogers
  • Hank White (a little less than the other two and wa not listed here)

I think in have four freighters doing couriers missions but cant manage four accounts at same time. My attention span is three max. I see your message, and i can sell to you Hank Stark Again because i cant use him for the reasons above. I see your mail in Hank Rogers asking for sell and i answer here.

Yes, i sell Hank rogers to you in the 2.6 when you send the isk tomorrow. Its ok for you ?

Yes i agree in be sold as stated, for the 2.6b offered.

I in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights.

I’ll give you 2.6b for Hank if your buyer doesn’t come through.

I never realize the freighters must be omega. As i say in the evemail, if u want i can sell you Hank rogers surely in 2.6b

Coloris mako, no notice of you yet. Inactive Seller, can you say if u have problem with Lady Claymore / Colirs ?

From: Coloris Miko
Sent: 2018.05.28 18:53
To: Hank Stark,

sorry i meant to let you know, i went for another miner rather than a hauler

As Inactive Seller say, this guy waste the time of both.

As per evmail, I agree to purchase Hank Stark for 2.6b, seller to pay the transfer as per CCP guidelines. Target account and isk sent.

Good morning, i transfer myself one minute ago but no received a CCP real mail. Can u please confirm when you receive me ?


No problem. Will let you know. Thanks

Received. Thanks.

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