*SOLD* WTS 44.6M sp HighSec alt [Mission runner/Freighter pilot/Trader]

Char birth date: 2009-05-04

Jita 4-4 (docked)
Positive security status (5.0)
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
58k free SP
611k LP (Emperor Family 281k, Caldari Navy 226k, Federation Navy 76k and others)
Jump clones with +5 all and +4 all implants
4 perm. SKINs (e.g. Gnosis Ironblood)

Corporation Standings

Emperor Family 9.4768
Caldari Navy 8.7900
Federation Navy 8.0240
Carthum Conglomerate 6.4601

adjusted min and B/O
Starting bid 32bil
B/O 44bil

Go wild :slight_smile:

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Janet MacSmith ill offer 30

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Char is still for sale! 32b and it’s yours ^^

Offer 27 only valid for today.

min bid is 32bil and i ll wait for some more days (or might take 32b instantly) but not less, after a week or two i ll consider 30/31b

uhm, ok - does that 30bil offer still stand? ^^

Nope, just got a char earlier today.

Buy me, I’m still on sale ^^

20bil :stuck_out_tongue:

last bid was 31b, i didn’t sell, so very funny, nice bump anyway

32bil isk ready

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I will accept 32bil. send acc info and isk, will transfer after work today or earlier

Isk sent, acct info sent.

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ISK received, char transfer to requested account initiated and paid for by me

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