SOLD_WTS 63mil SP, PVP oriented, top cruiser skill max tengu

62.200.000 skill points roughly, plus 750.000 unallocated.

Sec status: 0.4
Located in Jita, jumpclone in Jita with 60mil worth implants
No Kill rights
Positive standings
Positive wallet
Instant Remap available + 2 bonus remaps

I’ll pay for the transfer fee in RL money
Buyout at 68B

if you’re missing any info let me know, first time I sell something.

Confirming this character is for sale.

60B b/o

what does that mean?

McF33 is for sale, not Hibra, if I got it wrong then nvm :slight_smile:
I’m in no rush to sell

sorry, I WTB McF33 60B

buyout is 65B, I’m in no rush to sell

If you use US dollars to pay the transfer fee, I can pay 65B

ok. I’m a bit unsure as to how to proceed now, I think you have to send the amount first. Send it to Hibra, then I’ll start transfering.

66B Offer

well I’ll have to take that, if nobody is offering more.

If someone raises the price, I want to wait 24 hours,I’m off to work

That’s fine by me. I wrote you ingame

As I mentioned to Valenn91, I’ll give him a chance to place a bid

I think I gave buyout at 65B first. You should sell it to me
but I can give you now highest bid 66B

66B is the highest bid, but you’re both bidding the same. I said I’d give Valenn91 24hrs.
Again I’m in no rush

Normally I’d agree, but you had a conditional buyout.

I think everyone should abide by the Buyout agreement.

From what I read (correct me if I’m wrong) I have no choice but to pay in RL money for the player transfer fee.
I was not aware of this, and that’s on me…but why would I not take a higher offer?

If you pay with plex, you will pay 1000 plex and it will take more than a week. It’s very bad things for the buyer