[SOLD] WTS 6x Gas Harvesting & SP Farm Characters

All characters have trained:

  • Prospect
  • T2 Gas Cloud Harvesters
  • Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
  • Cybernetics V

And some skills more.

  1. Balavath en Distel SOLD
  2. Barlequeto Gaterau SOLD
  3. Barquese Cadelanne SOLD
  4. Regurtad Patrouette SOLD
  5. Venoris Issier SOLD
  6. Farris Echerie SOLD

pass 123 for every character.

All characters are in NPC corp, have one regular and 2 bonus remaps, standard implants on Memory and Intellect. All stands neutral, no killrights, clean killboard, positive wallet. Located in Perimeter. I will pay for transfer with PLEX’s by writing a petition once after buyer transfer the ISK.

Price: 4b for each character, 5b B/O







4.5b b/o for Farris Echerie

Agreed ingame. Waiting for ISK and account info.

isk and acc info sent to Nyasha Stesnyasha

ISK and acc info received, petition created

GM replied, character transfer started.


Still available for sale.

Still available.

Daily bump. Anyone needs them?

Still available.

Ready for sell.

Ill take distel for 4.5b

Sent ingame mail.