SOLD Wts 78m avatar/dread/nightmare with slaves

Hi, i am selling a good titan with pod

He have not kill rights,have positive wallet, wis in high sec, great zkillboard, i am in high sec.

Have skinbs foir avatar x 5 already learned
Cold iron
Glacial drift
Purify of the throne

Diclaimer, selling other pilot in same account, i deliver first the first i sell.

I enter in a moment to formalize.

I have a plan for the money, offer some reasonable and i deliver.

Please answer the thread, i am not in tekilaman

I am for sale


60b to get you startet

nice =) today bump

I think the least i can get is 63.

I’ve sent you an ingame mail. I may be able to go into the range of 63 bio if we get a deal there.

I am going to work now. if you cn give me 64b is a deal

doens’t matter for that 1b at the end of the day :confused: So okay - deal (64billion)

Perfect, send the 64b and i transfer in an hour ( is a PITA get the mail for entring the secure site sometimes )

isk and account information sent. Waiting for the transfer to start :slight_smile:

received, can you send me a mail withy the acc name, dont find where transfer him …

mail sent, sorry first mail went to Bill Parker instead of Tekilaman

Transfer done. Many thankjs.

received the email for the transfer. Many thanks as well!

fly safe

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