I need free the space of this pilot

  • Loki
  • Cloaking IV
  • Cybernetic V
  • Svipul T2 Weapons
  • Can mine With Barges
  • Mining V
  • Interplanetary COnsolidation V
  • Hull Upgrades *V Mechanic V

is in High sec, no killrights, positive wallet, all CCP rules apply

I Pay with CC. The price ofextraction is aorund 7.5 - 8.1 I am seeking 7b, remeber i pay with CC

Answer the thread, dont reading the Eve Mail.

Today bump

ill pay 7bil

I acceptm send the Isk and i transfer

Available, waiting info for the buyer.

I will stay connected near all day reading the thread.

sorry had a mad day and bought another toon also i have 6bil left if anygood otherwise sorry

6b is too low. i can extract 1m points if u want

saturdy bump

Sold if u can send it now.

Well, i can wait that time.

If I buy this.when I can get it?

Yes i need free the space today and can sent in ten minutes by credit card. answer the thread

ok.and one question. alpha account is it availrable?I’m justt newbie. when I get your character and I will buy omeger~and I gonna buy plex first to change isk? for plex give me a sec

Not understand your question, vut yes, the character can be sent to Alpha accounts., Loki Aviupul and PI are omega anyway, but can use wjen you omega.

ok. and I’m stram user. how can I give you my account?

Yu need enter this link

Then you send to my character the ISk , and an eve mail whith your eve username created in this step

ok. I will try. and 1 more,can If I buy as a plex is it ok?I figure it out isk for plex that need to tax 5%?;;anyway just ask I’m learning this game .That way is exsit. as fas as I know called ‘contrac’ hehe

No problem foir me. 1850 Plex at 3.5 is 6.47 b

You can made a contract to me for that plex, and send me an eve mail with your username created in the link i proveided you.

Finally answer here, and i transfer in ten minutes

yes I bought plex 2860 already and googling how to make contract it and I will send eve mail in 3 min…hold on~

bill parker is not available eve mail~