(SOLD) WTS Amarr Jump freighter / carrier / jack of all trades 99.5 M Skillpoints

Amarr toon 99,473,181 skill points Character Sheet
Wallet positive (7.5M)
all lvl 5 for ark
No Kill Rights
4 Jump Clones including +5s and 1 clone with High grade Savior set with amour command link and 1 clone with High Grade Ascendancy and another with mid Grade ascendancy
Jita home station
positive standings
37 ship skins including cold iron ark

Don’t know really what the price should be so place your offers please…
Good luck.

74bil buy out. Isk in hand


thanks for the offers…

thanks for the offer

hi timelines does the offer still stand?

i’ll go 75.5. can send right now

ok cool as soon as I get the isk I will start the transfer can you give me details in game please.

I will accept 75.5 thanks Aryzz

mail/isk sent


was to late o well gj aryzz

Isk recived transfering toon

Character transferred

aryzz let me know if everything is OK with the transfer before I log off later. thanks

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