SOLD WTS female medium booster 9m points

Again, for reasons agains my control i was forced to extract a toon i purchase recently.



  1. Have a full mid slave set of iplants, (current i jump one moment ago to that body, maybe not reflect in eveboard yet)
  2. Clone in faurent +4 with navy modified noble implant
  3. Clone in kisogo full genolution core
  4. Clone in osmon with full genolution and republic fleet command mindlink.

Disclaimer, i will be outside my eve computer and cant deliver until the night.

She is in Osmon, no kill rights, positive wallet, etc.

i am for sale

Available, have good standings with SOE

I’ll start proceedings at 3B.

I could put to use. 3.5B

4 Bill


I receive an offer in evemail bit not answer yet , i ask him for make his offer here.

Would you accept 4B?

No, sorry. I have now two offers in eve mail for 5.5 and 6b, but yesterday i was outside the city.

I think i can sell her for the 5.5b at least or trade her for something.

As discussed in game, 5.6bill accepted by seller. Sending isk and account info.

The transfer was done one moment ago, you must receive the mail shortly.

Thanks for the business and sorry for no stay in house yesterday.

mail received, thankyou.

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