SOLD *** WTS - Indy / Miner / Orca pilot

Hello, I posted Brax for sale yesterday, but did not realize I was on another account at the time. I am re-posting today in order to be in compliance with site rules.

Brax was my first character and his skills could have been more focused early on. At this time he has good mining and industrial skills and can fly the Orca with mining boosts. Please see more about his skills at Eve Skill Board.

I am available in game for questions most for the weekend but back to work on Monday so less available. Feel free to MSG me in game or here with any questions.

FYI: 52 days for Rorq.

Price: Best offer over 20Bill or 32bill buy out. (I will pay the cost for transfer.)

Offer 21.

Fair enough, I will close bidding on Monday 01/06/2020.

Thank you for the bid.

I planned to hold this to Monday and look for more bids, but my Monday is starting to look a bit crazy. Let me know when your on this weekend and I will end the auction and sell to you at 21 Bill.

ISK and account name sent. Please confirm when possible.

Okay, ISK Received and character transfer has begun. Thanks!

Just wanted to verify the character transfer is complete and say thank you for a smooth transaction. It was a pleasure!

Edit: delete.

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