SOLD WTS LASTDAY Female 55m , ishtar, very good booster Orca miner rorqual in a day

Hi, because the changes of Mining / industry, i am reducing my operations.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet.

highlights :

  • Very decent trade skills
  • Mining drone spec V with good drone
  • Industrial Command Ships V, you cant get better for mining
  • ishtar capable
  • cyno v and cruiser 5, can do cynos
  • six planets
  • archaeology and hacking v
  • strong shields with some capital books at V
  • occator DST
  • Exhumer IV
  • high shield and armor, wanna be capital pilot (can be fax without much hassle)

If interested answer here.

30 bil

Rolla Dmind 31

The extraction value is 34.3b, plus the implants and first 5m, you both are offering below extraction value. Thanks for the free bump.

35B,i offer

I dont consider offers below 36b.

Today Bump

36B ,i offer

offer accepted. Ready for sell, send the isk and account and i deliver.

@vuejs i am waiting.

I am available to be sold at 36b to anybody; i go to do some things outside now, and return afternoon and ready to transfer to the first people to sent me 36b

I am going to be online and tomorrow but going to take a break, if i not sell her today monday i go to cancel and resol in some months when i return PLEASE ANSWER THE THREAD IF INTERESTED

available at 36b

last day to be available. If interested answer here.

I am really sorry to keep you waiting. I suddenly cannot log in the game because of something. I will ask my friend to deal with you and send an email.

ok i m here and understand. y try to check the foirum in the ciourse of the day.

Isak anbd account received, give me ten minutes for do the transfer. I updte the thread in a moment.

Please update the thread when you receive the eve mail of the transfer.

Enjo her.

Transfer done, i had a glitch with one credit card but do with the other instead.

Please confirm when you receive the real world ccp mail.

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