Sold [WTS] Minmatar Female 15,264 SP Miner Rorqual rdy

(Jack Sheppardon) #1

NPC Corp
Location Jita IV Moon 4 CBT
Positive Wallet
No Kill Right´s and Clones
Skill for Drones are missing
Ready for mining with Exhumer | Orca | Rorqual

Click Me

Please only fair bids, i do not have enough time for this account.


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(Chucky Wyrmreader) #2

What do u want for her

(Brock Khans) #3


(Chucky Wyrmreader) #4

10 bil

(Brock Khans) #5


(Chucky Wyrmreader) #6

14 bil

(Chucky Wyrmreader) #7

i have this isk for you plz let me know how we are doing this

(Pharcide Kwok) #8


(Chucky Wyrmreader) #9

payment sent and act info

(Pharcide Kwok) #10

why would you send the money and info when i already out bid you and there was no confirmation on offer.

(Chucky Wyrmreader) #11

i got in game email from him that i can get the char long befor you put your bid on

(Chucky Wyrmreader) #12

this is the in game email i got with time stamp

WTS Char
From: Sheppardons Mom
Sent: 2018.02.27 17:00
To: Chucky Wyrmreader,

Ok, you can have the Character if you want.

(Pharcide Kwok) #13

How is that long before you posted not more then 20 mins before i did.

(Pharcide Kwok) #14

also conclusions of auctions or bids are always posted in the forums to confirm transactions. not in game.

(Chucky Wyrmreader) #15

well if its not true i will be getting my isk back

(Chucky Wyrmreader) #16

sent you in game email Pharcide Kwok

(Jack Sheppardon) #17

Sold and transferred to Chucky

(Jack Sheppardon) #18

Did everything work Chucky?

(system) #19

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