*SOLD* WTS neutral JF-Char, no corp-history

This is my first sale so i hope i do everything right!

WTS this Char https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dina_Mayaki

Like mentioned in the topic, no corp history.
If there is someone with suggestions for a price, feel free to tell me.
Or just place a bid and we will se how it goes :slight_smile:
About 1d missing until Jumpfreighter IV

1. Wallet balance.
=> wallet will be at 0 ISK

2. Kill rights
no kill rights active

3. Jump clones
no jumpclones

4. Character location.
character is located in Jita (highsec) and docked in station

It seems that she can fly Naglfar in the future but it takes six months.

5 billion - can send straight away

6b ready

7B Ready.

7.5b valid for 24 hours

8 bil

8.1 bil

pls send me the account you like to have the character transferred to and send the ISK. I will start the transfer as soons as i received everything.


I send the ISK and ingame mail to Dina Mayaki.
Plz check and start the transfer.


like mentioned ingame: ISK received, but i need your account name, not the char name.


got it. I send an ingame mail with my account id.
it is steam account, so it starts with STEAM::######.

is it ok with you?

transfer started…thx mate

Charaktername: Dina Mayaki

Wird fertiggestellt in: 29.04.2019 02:18:35

transfer finished, character sold.

thx mate O7

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