[SOLD] WTS Succubus Pilot with 5.25M SP / 1.04M Unallocated

Alpha Succubus pilot. Great PvP Omega starter, or perfect alt to drop on an Alpha account.
5.25M SP, 1.04M SP unallocated.

  • Clean killboard, clean employment history.
  • Annual remap available now, +2 bonus remaps.
  • In only jump clone.
  • In NPC Corp.
  • In Jita IV-4.
  • Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights.

Princess Plum Skillboard

3.5B buyout.

unfortunelly people dont pay much for those and you as the seller gotta pay the 20$ for the transfer, those are barely worth selling

No problem! Are you interested? If so, how much is the character worth to you?

1.5b bid

The first lowball offer. Will hold out and see if anyone else is interested.



1,7b bid

1.8b offer

1.9b offer today

1.95b offer

This toon is 3.5b bo.

2.5b offer

Getting closer.

2.6BIL offer

2.7b offer - withdrawn

3b offer

I will give it a day or two to see if someone else jumps in. If not, the toon is yours. Do you prefer Amarr or Jita?

Jita is good

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In Jita IV-4. Will start character transfer after payment is received.