I’ll offer 11b

looking for a bit higher ty tho

As per CCP rules and regulations, you need to make the listing with the character being sold

ive not sold it yet

13 bil

16 Bil

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please transfer ISK directly to spevan steelgurb ingame. Also send spevan steelgurb an evemail with the details of the account you wish me to transfer the character too.

was talkiing too you

still not sold just yet guys so still open too offers

Hey Tjzsero zero, since you did not post from the character being sold, please send Deaths Sword and ingame mail to prove you have access to the character. Once that is done I will transfer the isk and give account info.

ingame mail sent :slight_smile:

isk sent transfer payed for thank you and please message tjzsero zero in game if you’ve got any problems :slight_smile:

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