Hello !
PW : 1234

This Char was basically always meant to fly in Battleships.
Amarr Battleships to begin with.

So every skill in engineering (CPU, capacitor…) are at lvl 5.
Gunnery , drones, and Armor also have a lot of lvl 5
Social V, and connection IV. IV is researching as we speak.

It is super clean, it’s never killed nor been killed by any player.
No kill rights, no negative standings.
Security status clean as a baby.
2 remaps.

Positive Wallet and 50K unallocated skill points.

Just go ahead with the bids.
I’ve edited for pricing :
I’m considering all bids. Buyout is 14B

Bump !

22 bill buyout? You know it’s several bill cheaper to make a new character and use skill injectors to create a 10m sp character.

Totally right man I saw this one in general and it is overpriced. even 11bil for the starting price is way too high. 11bil should be the buyout.