(Hank Rogers) #1

Skill link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hank_Rogers
pw: 123

Cybernetics V, skill farm ready (in perception/willpower optimal)
30K unallocated skill point
Can fly Minmatar covert ops frigates
Can use covert ops cloaking device/focused void bomb/T1 torpedo
Can also fly Minmatar assault frigates
Can also use Minmatar T2 small guns

Two remaps (0+2) available
Negative (-0.27) security status
Positive wallet
No kill rights
In NPC corp
In NPC highsec station

Starting bid: 6 bil
B/O: 8 bil

(Hank Rogers) #2

bump, starting bid and b/o updated.

(Hank Rogers) #3

bump, starting bid and b/o updated.

(RR Enat) #4

6 bil

(Vuko Nitj'sefni) #5

6,3 bil

(RR Enat) #6

7 bil

(Vuko Nitj'sefni) #8

I can offer 7,5b

(Hank Rogers) #9

ok, since it is still below the b/o, im gonna sell him to the highest bidder, please send isk and account info.

(Vuko Nitj'sefni) #10

Sure but ATM I’m in work and can’t log in. You will be able to wait few hours?

(Hank Rogers) #11


(Vuko Nitj'sefni) #12

Cool, then we have a deal.

(RR Enat) #13

8b b/o

(Hank Rogers) #14

well, what am i gonna do?

(Hank Rogers) #15

if you can send isk and info before Vuko, i guess ill sell him to you.

(Hank Rogers) #16

ok i got your isk, but still need your account info

(RR Enat) #17

all sent

(Hank Rogers) #18

b/o met.
all received.
character transfer initiated.

(system) closed #19

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