Auctioning this 91M SP character.

Great Sub-cap combat pilot.
Great weapon skills.
Cruiser 5 all empires
Can also fly Caldari DST.
Finishing up Cyno 5.

No Killrights
Positive Wallet
Located in Jita.
1 JC in Jita, currently in standard implants, etc.

Start: 60B
B/O: 70B*

Send isk to this character. I will pay the transfer fee. Thank you for your time.

65 bil

Daily Bump. Lowered buy out to 70B. Thanks for looking.

68 bil final offer

Bid for 68B accepted. Online now if you are available. Thank you.

I will prolly be on in 1 hour, will send isk and acc name via evemail

70B BO now available

matching the BO, 70b

ISK and account name sent

70B received from Iva Stark. Transferring character to account listed in evemail. Thank you.

Character has been transferred to account listed in evemail. Thank you.

Notification from CCP received on the account.
Thanks mate o7

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