I have bought this character a couple months ago and trained him towards a combat carrier, but have never used him so now I am getting rid of him to free up the character slot.
(Pass: 321)

This character was very focused on these skills:

Jump Drive Calibration 5
Fighters 5
Cybernetics 5
T2 Light Fighters

Armor compensations are all at 4, some shield skills were skilled to allow for ratting with a Nid in the future. However Hull Upgrades 5 is still missing, so I recommend only using this character in combat until this train has finished. Only Amarr and Caldari carrier skillbooks are injected as I have not decided on which carrier I would like to fly.
The character is mapped to Per/Will and has a 5/5/4/4/4 set in his head and one bonus remap left with the next one being available on 03/30/2018.

Regardless of this, I think this character is still very usable, cheap and focused for ratting after you have trained up which carrier you want to use, as such I will not entertain any extractor buyers (I know who you are :wink: )

rule things:

  • no killrights
  • positive wallet balance
  • located in Aunenen Keepstar
  • Corp is dropped even if it may not reflect so immediately on APIs

Looking forward to entertain any decent offers!

Edit: As the minimum bid has been reached, the auction will conclude 24 hours after the last bid. The buyout is 20b.

10 bil

You are one of the people I meant with ‘extractor buyers’. If you are willing to make a realistic offer in the future feel free to do so.

11 bil… from an Injector Seller :wink:

Without us, toons would be worth 1/3 of what they are today.

You mean without injectors :wink:

It’s an honest trade, my whole point is just that I consider this character worth more than that. But it’s great for completely unfocused characters that were barely worth any money in the past. I have sold some of mine to you :stuck_out_tongue:

if it’s so easy, why don’t you do it yourself… go ahead, extract it and try to make a profit out of it… for the experience of it


Mail sent in-game

Received ingame offer of 12.5b.

lol he couldn’t have just said that here when he mentioned the in-game mail sent?

He wanted to know how much I wanted for it, I told him my price, this was his counteroffer.

13BIL Final price

13.5 bil

Looking for null sec corp …
I am carier 5 pilot lvl 5 carrier t2 fighters pm me if you want me in your corp…
58k sp

Wrong sub-forum.