16 bil offer

16.5 bill offer

The minimum bid has been reached. If no other bids are made within the next 24 hours bob3776 wins the auction, the buyout is set at 20b.

17 bill offer

Your offer has been accepted (I highly doubt anyone will beat this), once you transfer the isk I will put in a support ticket, 1000 Plex have alreay been bought.

Looks like Orlone’s offer is no longer valid, so I’m open to 16.5b.

Bump, if no better offers come through by 1900 ET the character will go to Lysh for 15b.

15.5b offer

16b for next hour.

16.25b final offer

Accepted, I will put in a ticket for transfer within an hour of receiving the isk.

isk and account name sent.

ISK and account name received, ticket created.

24h and no notification of transfer initiation.

PM’d proof of me having created the ticket yesterday.

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